Sunday, 4 July 2010

goodbye threadbanger

as loyal fan of thread banger i was gutted when i watched the video that they were leaving thread banger.
I've been following them for 2 years now and it wasn't a good bye i was not expecting it and it was very sudden and unexplained I'm sure 1000's of other thread banger fans feel the same. Rob and Corinne were the reason why I subscribed to thread banger. I've learnt so much from them one day i was browsing the Internet and i found one the best things that ever happened to me in my life, thread banger. now i had always loved sewing but thread banger changed my life and introduced me to the wonderful world of diy, I'm a diyer for life because of them. i remember watching my first thread banger video and thinking wow i wanna make that, so cut up a old pair of jeans and made my first jean bag and i felt so proud of what i made and ever since that day i knew making things was my passion. so know i want to be a fashion designer and create things that no ones seen before and its all thanks to thread banger if i had never of seen that video i would have never of made my first bag and i would have never been inspired to make clothes and i would have never found my passion. so thank you rob,corinne and meg because i will miss you and so will millions of other thread banger fans and i hope you succeed in your dreams.

now I've been a fan of secret life of a bio nerd for 1 year and a half now and she is very good. she could never replace thread banger but people should give her a chance because she also inspired me and she is a very good seamstress. i give her tutorials 9/10 they are very good, she might not be thread banger but at least she is trying. i suport K.L people should give her a chance its not her fault rob, corinne and meg are leaving.

im a seamstress on youtube too and it is the art of diy i want to share even if i inspire one person i want to continue the spirt of thread banger although im nothing like thread banger i still want to share my diy projects with any one who will watch.

photos of clothes i've made

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