Thursday, 3 June 2010

new camera

yay to day i got a new camera woooh! the GE j1250 i can't wait to do videos and pictures with this 12 mega pixel camera! it has Pan-Capture Panorama
Wide-view photos are produced by panning the camera across
to create a seamless panoramic picture.
Face Detection
Face Detection automatically focuses and optimizes exposure
for sharp, brilliant pictures.
Auto Scene Detection
Automatically determines the appropriate scene type and optimizes exposure for sharp, vibrant pictures. Image Stabilization
Overcomes camera shake to help you take clearer, sharper
Blink Detection
Blink Detection alerts you if a subject’s eyes were closed so you
can immediately retake the picture. In-Camera Red-Eye Removal
Remove red-eye immediately while viewing images on the LCD.
Smile Detection
The shutter automatically releases when the smile appears so
you can capture smiles the moment they happen.

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