Sunday, 21 March 2010


it's currently 1:20 am in the morning and i have just finished making my website all of those sleepless nights payed off. but my poor skin is suffering breaking out. but im proud i have finished my website now all i have to do is get making i've finished all my designs i'm ready to sew! your probably thinking is it easy? hell no! i'm balancing school coursework, revision for A-level exams and sewing for at least 3 hours a day but then why do you do it? well i loveto sew! even when i'm tried and i feel like i'm gonna go crazy with sew i still push on. why? because nothing gets achieved by sleeping does it? now i know not sleeping is not good for my health but i need to achieve my dream. i am so determined no matter what it takes. but why make a shop now your still young? well all the money i make from this site can help me to go university. Also i'll need a strong portfolio to get into the London collage of fashion so the the design and photos i use for my store can be used in my portfolio and i can have lots of technical drawing and clothes patterns from how i made the garments. also i would love people to wear my designs its a dream come true! so i get a 3 in one money that will help with university fees. satisfaction that people are wearing my designs and a strong portfolio that will help me go to design school.


  1. Hi, I like your blog lots! Keep up the good work!

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