Friday, 12 March 2010

my clothing

I'm in the process of designing my own mini clothing line all made by me. I've decided to call my clothing label M.E and that stands for miss evolution.
Miss.Evolution aka M.E is about using the past to recreate new innovations this is why i call my label evolution because its about how fashion transforms from old ideas to new ideas but fashion is like a cycle that goes back to the beginning and this is why i combine past and future. i like to incorporate over the top frills and lace, in my designs because i like frilly, pretty, and girlie clothes I'm inspired by art and different cultures eg i am influenced by the east Asian culture and some day i want to go to china and make my clothing line. And i am inspired the past, present and future i use these as a base to make my creations. The money i earn will help me save up for fashion university fees i want to go to the London collage of fashion but its expensive. so this store will help me. :)

a preview of a skirt i made for the store my website is

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