Thursday, 10 December 2009

so instead of giving my friend the top i made her i made another one instead. i gave out my presents today i gave every one diy clothes. the present i was going to give to my friend was pink with baby designs it was so weird i didn't give it to her. instead i gave her a gold top but that was weird too.

today i had photography lesson i was on time today, yay me. we were taking portrait photos i made a dress from old curtains and persuded my friend to put it on for the portait photo (took loads of persuation lol) i took photos oh her in the dress for my photography coursework she also took photos of me i liked th phots she took of me because they don't even look like me if that makes sense? there were kind of distroted pictures they kinda look creepy but i like them. in the first picture she took the pictue though a glass cup and it looks so creepy lol i look like egor. and the second photo she put blue plastic across my face and made it look creepy by cutting a hole though to reveal just one eye.

the photo that i took of my model in the dress.

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