Monday, 7 December 2009

new blog

today was a average day i woke up late for collage, again as usual then i had to rush hair and make up so i only did a quick lipgloss and liquid eyeliner i put my hair up in in a quick bun a quiff. then i rushed to my sociology lesson then i daydreamed though my lesson thats bad habbit i have every time i'm supost to be listening i'm daydreaming about (boys). my exams in two mounths and i haven't even started revizing yet what am i to do with my self? i should be reviseing now but instead i'm bloging. but any way i can revise tommorow because my collage is closed for tommorow. today after collage i was doing some designing and i was making a top for my friends christmas present. i'm making her a vest top hope she likes it cause it has a babish design on the top it was my first experiment painting fabric. i did a little sun and and a little flower with babish scribles at the bottom defeintly not her style lol but she dosn't have to wear it if she dosn't like it.

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