Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Fashion Show & Fashion Networking Event London

Hi everyone
yesterday I attended a fashion show and fashion networking event at the Grace Bar in central London. At this I event I met many people in the fashion industry and networked with other fashion designers, photographers and start up businesses. The event was arranged by Irfan Khalil from Heptagon Events
 The event started with socialising, then VERNEZ showcased their new app for bloggers and designers, the app allows bloggers to use it to create their own magazine showcasing the brands outfits. The app also allows people to go there and shop.  
After there was a very enjoyable short fashion show with a collection by Lena Yoo womenswear designer. The collection was very contemporary and consisted of denim outfits, the designs had deconstruction look with the frayed bag and the way that the garments were pattern cut to look like the shirt is off the shoulder and the refined details of tailoring, soft drape and structured draped pieces.

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