Monday, 27 February 2012

carmine february box

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this months carmine box was amazing i loved everything!!!!!!
so this box was  packed with 6 amazing items and im impressed.

Steam Cream steam-infused skincare (full size) - i really liked this cream very creamy and thick on the inside!i really love a thick cream and it smells amazing. and it costs £10.50 so the box has paid for its self.

 White Glo Professional Choice whitening toothpaste - this was the first thing i saw when i opened my box and i was so happy!!!i really wanted to whiten my teeth so heres my chance

 Balance Me Rose Otto Moisturising Body Wash (full size) - anthoer full size product and from the brand blance me i liked the face oil last month so i was happy to see this months body was smells very herbally and yummy.£12.25 wow so the box has well over paid for its self.

Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish (full size) - i absoluty love this because im obssessed with nail art at the moment!!!! £5
Diego Dalla Palma lipstick - I love it is so cute and minature size and it smells amazing!

 Yardley London Peony fragrance - a boring old perfum sample which is ok but not really my taste however its just an added bonus to these five amazing samples.
so overall i am very pleased with this  months carmine box i hope the keep up the great work i was so happy with 3 fullsized sample!!!!! money well spent
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